"Naim Murseli broke down in front of the police", journalist: Very serious things will come out, money is not the motive of the murder

2023-12-07 17:39:21Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Milaim Zeka / Liridona Ademaj / Naim Murseli

Journalist Milaim Zeka said that Naim Murseli has already been broken by the police and very serious things will come to light.

According to the journalist, a person who is able to cold-bloodedly organize the murder of a woman in front of his children, is the type of character that will break before the police.

Zeka emphasized that the motive for the murder has yet to be revealed, adding that money can never be the motive for this macabre event.

"I am very, very convinced that the Kosovo police and the prosecutor's office will be able to find out the motive, since the character of such a man, who organizes the murder of the woman in the presence of the children, that it happens that they killed the woman accidentally, and characters suicides also do this, but to organize such a murder, you have thought well.

To organize the murder of a woman in front of children, you must be a terrible murderer. This man has already broken in front of the police, having accepted the whole organization, but very serious things will emerge from the investigations.

Serious things will come out of the investigations, serious things will come out within the family. But I say one thing responsibly, money is not the motive", said Milaim Zeka in a television interview.