The murder of ELTON JAVORIT in Fier, the author's brother is also wanted: He was in the car with...

2023-12-08 14:55:47Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Agim Gashi/ Elton Javori

One day after the murder of Elton Javori, the police revealed the dynamics of the serious event. According to the police, between the 41-year-old who remained dead and the suspected perpetrator, Agim Gashi.

The latter, according to the police, was on the passenger side of the " Benz " type vehicle and fired a gun in the direction of " Fuoristrada " which was driven by Elton Javori.

Agim Gashi's brother, who was driving the Benz type vehicle, is also an accomplice in this event. While the dynamics of the crime have been revealed, the motives are still unknown.

Police notification: 

Following the investigative actions carried out by the investigative group composed of specialists from the Section for the Investigation of Serious Crimes of DVP Fier and those of the General Directorate of the State Police, it was found that:

Yesterday, in the neighborhood "16 April", Fier, from a "Benz" type vehicle, from the passenger's side, a gun was fired in the direction of the "Fuoristradë" type vehicle, which was driven by citizen EJ, 41 years old.

After this action, the citizen EJ fired several times with a pistol in the direction of the "Benz" type vehicle. As a result of the exchange of fire, citizen EJ, 41 years old, was killed.

The investigation showed that the perpetrators who were traveling with the "Benz" type vehicle are citizens AG, 35 years old and KG, 33 years old (brothers), who have been declared wanted and intensive work is being done to catch them and bring them to legal responsibility.

From the inspection of the scene, near the "Fuoristrad" type vehicle, 1 pistol firearm with an unidentified body number was found, which was seized as material evidence.

The motive of this criminal event is suspected to be a conflict started some time ago between citizen AG and citizen EJ for weak motives.

In the direction of the Prosecutor's Office, the investigative work continues to clarify the circumstances of this event and collect all the evidence for its complete documentation.

The procedural materials have been referred to the Prosecutor's Office at the Court of First Instance of Fier General Jurisdiction, in charge of the citizens AG and KG, suspected of committing the criminal offense "Premeditated murder" carried out in cooperation and "Production and possession without permission of military weapons and ammunition".