VIDEO/ 'Ordinera with whistle in mouth', First Category club: The referees stole us in the middle of the day!

2023-09-26 10:07:23Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Besa Club

The club of Besa e Kavaja, which plays in the First Category of Albanian football, has called the referees " ordinera with a whistle in their mouth who steal the match in the middle of the day ".

Verdhezini lost at the weekend 2-0 in Peshkopi against Korab, with the challenge valid for the fourth week in this league.

The goals of Bocka and Nuri at the end of the match gave the locals three points, as the Cavaliers have accused the referees of the transfer events.

It all comes down to a disallowed goal case. In the footage provided by the Kavajas club, it appears that their goal was canceled for offside.

Te Besa are convinced that the equalizing goal was in a regular position and the match would have gone differently if the winger had not raised the flag, moreover, the Korabi defender caused an own goal.

"Thieves dressed as referees steal the match in the middle of the day. 5 minutes before the end our team's goal is disallowed, in a funny way the own goal is given for offside, when apparently the Besa player is 1 meter behind the Korab player. The strangest part was when the main one asks the winger why it was canceled when it was an own goal, while the winger replied let's watch the video and then decide", says the verdhez club.

Then Besa accuses how long something like this will continue, also raising questions.

"How long will these whistle-blowers continue to fix the matches with premeditation? How long will they continue to mock our investments and the sweat of the footballers? FC Besa demands measures for today's referees and justice in the matches of next", concludes Besa's reaction.