VIDEO/ 'Kosovo is Serbia', the Albanian journalist greets the Serbs with the 'eagle': It is the heart of Albania!

2024-06-16 22:20:56Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Arlind Sadiku

Serbia is playing against England in Euro 2024. In Gelsenkirchen, the Serbs did not stop the racist "Kosova is Serbia" chants, while Klan Kosova journalist Arlind Sadiku was also in the stadium.

He did not hesitate and greeted the Serbs with the "eagle", saying that Kosovo is the heart of Albania. After that, objects thrown at him are also seen.

We remind you that before the duel between Serbia and England, there were fights, injuries and arrests. The Serbs did not even hesitate to burn the Albanian and English flags.