VIDEO/ The Netherlands coach disgusts the fans, Koeman scratches his nose and then licks his fingers!

2024-06-16 20:44:10Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Ronald Koeman

The Netherlands beat Poland 2-1 at Euro 2024, but a moment of Tulip coach Ronald Koeman is making the media rounds after he forgot there were dozens of cameras pointing at him during the game.

The latter was caught scratching his nose and then licking his fingers. A disgusting gesture, which did not escape the "eyes of the eagles" in the stadium and then the video went viral on social networks.

This is not an unknown gesture, since Joachim Löë, the former coach of the German national team, has entered "history", among others, for the episode when he was seen scratching his nose, or touching his private parts and then smelling his hand.