Hysaj was "scared" by the ball and lowered his head, viral video on the network

2024-06-16 12:58:27Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Elseid Hysaj

A video from the moment Italy scored the equaliser with Albania has gone viral on social media and it's because of Elseid Hysaj's reaction.

According to fans, the footballer lowered his head the moment Barrela hit the ball, managing to get it into the net.

"I'm lowering my head to not get hit by the ball," the citizens write.

Albania were beaten in their first European match against Italy 2–1 in Dortmund. The challenge started well enough for Sylvinho's Reds, who found the goal with Bajrami scoring in the 22nd second, thus scoring the fastest goal in the history of a European Championship.

However, this was not enough for Albania, with Italy finding two very quick goals with Baston and Barlla in the 11th and 16th minutes.

In the second half, the Reds attempted to score when they came closer to Manaj in the 90th minute, but the ball ended up outside the counter.

Italy will go three points, while Albania will try to reach the maximum against Croatia on June 19, at 15:00 in Hamburg.