Another scandal in the Premier League, two footballers are suspected of sexual harassment

2024-04-24 10:37:16Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

British media reports that two English Premier League professional footballers have been arrested by police on suspicion of sexual harassment.

The policemen went to arrest the two football players in the premises of the club's stadium, but they found only one of them there.

The 19-year-old footballer is accused of assault, aiding and abetting a rape. The Sun's sources said he was allowed to leave the stadium after a brief interview before he was later arrested.

The footballer spent the night in a cell and was later questioned by detectives under caution. His teammate, also 19, was arrested the next day and questioned on suspicion of rape.

The pair have since been released on bail pending further enquiries.

Meanwhile, it is suspected that the rape for which they are investigating happened on Friday evening. The alleged victim contacted officers several hours later and filed a formal complaint.

This appears to be just the latest sex scandal in the Premier League, with the English Championship having seen a number of stars end up behind bars over the years following investigations into the same issue.

Manchester United striker Mason Greenwood was suspended in 2022 after being arrested for attempted rape. The case against him was later dismissed and he is now on loan at Spanish side Getafe.

Likewise, former Manchester City defender Benjamin Mendy was acquitted of multiple rape charges after two trials last year and now plays for French side Lorient.