Behind the scenes / The "Spanish kiss" scandal that paved the way for Duka to become UEFA vice president

2023-09-26 16:16:48Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Rubiales and Ceferin

The scandal engulfing football in Spain over the actions of its former president Luis Rubiales at the Women's World Cup final has caused internal turmoil at UEFA.

Thus, during the last meeting, UEFA has decided that the organization of the next annual meeting of the European governing body will not be held in Spain.

Madrid will host the 2024 UEFA Congress of 55 member associations on February 8 and will also hold the group stage draw for the upcoming men's Nations League competition.

But UEFA said its executive committee decided to move both of these important events to Paris.

Rubiales is under criminal investigation in Spain after World Cup-winning player Jenni Hermoso accused him of sexual assault for kissing her on the lips at the medal and trophy ceremony on August 20 in Sydney, Australia.

He resigned after great pressure as the case went up to the country's highest political institutions.

Rubiales also resigned as UEFA vice-president, where he was paid €250,000 plus expenses each year in the role.

UEFA thanked Rubiales for his work in European football and its president Aleksander Ceferin later suggested that considering kissing a crime seemed "completely illogical".

UEFA replaced Rubiales as vice-president on Tuesday by choosing executive committee member Armand Duka, head of the AFF, in his place.