Irony from Croatia, Rakitić: We should invite Lukaku to Split for a month's vacation

2022-12-02 17:19:26Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Lukaku's disappointment over a missed chance against Croatia



Eliminated and ridiculed. This is what is happening to Romelu Lukaku after the Belgium-Croatia match. Among the many ways of celebrating Croatia's qualification, that of Ivan Rakitic stands out.

The Sevilla midfielder poked fun at the Inter striker, thanking him for his mistakes in front of goal in Thursday's game.

Rakitic writes that Croatian fans should pay a month's holiday in Split to the Inter striker.

"Let's go Lukaku! We should invite him to Split for a month!", writes Rakitic in a post on Instagram, published by his agent Marko Bralic.

Irony from Croatia, Rakiti?: We should invite Lukaku to Split for a
Ivan Rakitic makes fun of Lukaku on social networks

Lukaku played in the second half of the match against Croatia and showed very poor form, missing incredible chances. Mistakes that cost Belgium elimination from the World Cup. The striker hit the post with an empty net and wasted other chances, one of them in extra time, a few steps from the goal.

On one side the disappointment of the Belgians and on the other side the celebration of the Croatians. Even on social networks, where Rakiti?, withdrawn from the national team in 2020, but still very connected to the group, has found a way to make fun of Lukaku.