The court suspends the auction for FC Tirana

2024-04-24 13:16:07Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Refik Halili

The court of Tirana has decided today to suspend the auction for the sale of the shares of the Tirana club, put on the market by the executor Baftjar Nela.

According to the bailiff, "the case will be judged on its merits".

66% of Tirana's shares were auctioned after "Halili" owes the creditor Abedin Treza a figure of 1.5 million euros, plus 25 million new lek and the percentages during these years, given that the decision in question is in favor of the creditor it was taken in 2019.

The amount that the president of Tirana owes is around 2.4 million euros.