The Investigative Commission for Health resumes with debates, Ndreca is "caught" with Vokshi: We have not boycotted

2024-04-23 13:36:50Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Commission of Inquiry on Health

After 4 failed meetings, the Investigative Health Commission met today, following the agreement of the parties to return work to normality.

The opposition and the majority are discussing today the preliminary plan of the investigation and the agreed requests for information.

The vice-chairman of the Health Commission, Plarent Ndreca, addressing the chairwoman of the committee, Albana Vokshi, said that the chairwoman's call for a meeting was unilateral and that they were not coordinated.

Ndreca stated that the majority not only did not boycott this commission, but worked on a detailed Investigation Plan. 

"I am very sorry that you started with political statements. The majority did not boycott this commission. Meeting calls cannot be unilateral. Not only have we not boycotted it, but we have worked intensively with an Investigative Plan, which you have not done for years. Let's start the entire meeting by first approving the agenda and then continue with the other items", declared Ndreca.

Albana Vokshi: The ladies asked for the floor. You got the word now, you won't get it again!

Ndreca: I think we should spare each other this. They can ask for the floor as often as they want, and it is not the chairman who determines this. I say save these debates. We are here to build due process. Some of the attendees have determined the end of the commission, but we are not kidding.