Ilir Meta: I love Filipinas, come and work in Albania!

2024-04-23 11:55:12Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Ilir Meta

In a press conference from Durrës, Ilir Meta expressed his sympathy for the Filipinos.

He says that " he loves them very much and is not against them coming and working in Albania ".

MetaA little while ago I met a Filipina, I love Filipinos and Filipinas because I know them closely and because they are very hardworking.

I'm not against Filipinos coming to Albania and working, and one of them I know very well, Mikaela, is married to an Albanian, and has three children who have Albanian citizenship, but for the most senseless reasons of not said corruption, to this day she does not receive Albanian citizenship.

I am in favor of the fact that we cannot replace Albanians with Filipinos, nor with honorable citizens from Africa or anywhere from all over the world, we have the objective to first make Albania four million plus Albanians and then we are open to come, work and serve from other countries as well.

But Albanians should be masters of their country and not refugees in other countries. It's been 32 years, we're not in the 90s where people jumped on ships because they didn't have a single piece of bread at home and said "it's better to die at sea" than to die in misery and humiliated by the country's regime.