Gonxhe: Full pension reform is needed

2024-04-23 12:11:36Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Blendi Gonxhe

The Faculty of Economics at the University of Tirana held the "Job Fair" activity this morning. The Minister of Economy, Culture and Innovation, Blendi Gonxhe, was also present at this activity. During his speech, Minister Gonxhe said that a pension reform is needed.

"We will do what is possible this year to open our eyes and mind as far as a complete pension reform is concerned. Pensions cannot be in this state. We will have to intervene strongly because pensions are an important motivator for everyone who makes a commitment plan, makes a decision to work or not. The pension for some of us will probably not even be 1/6 of what we pay for ourselves due to the great decrease in the value of the fund that in years will be returned to us then in the part they will receive at the time of retirement" , says minister Blendi Gonxhe.

During his speech, Gonxhe said that he will do whatever is possible to increase wages as he says that they bring an immediate increase in consumption.

"We will do our best, I guarantee you, to raise wages. Wages are a win-win story. They bring an immediate increase in consumption", said Gonxhja.

Furthermore, Minister Gonxhe has called to apply for a job in the state, as he has said that many are disappointed and are afraid to sign.

"We have many jobs. I invite you all to click on the DAP website, I invite you all to try and once again work in the state. I understand that many are disappointed. They are afraid to sign, they are afraid of investigations. I have the basements in total depression because that's where the economy I found worked, in the basement. In a state suffering from the economy, the economy was working in the basement. Salaries are very low, we are trying to raise them. Very soon we will move on to other conditions. We also need your help to get people to apply. There are 126 countries that we are waiting for, DAP procedures are like that, they take some time", said Gonxhe.