"Criminal approach", Rama clarifies the phone call with the director of RAI: ​​Shameful episode of smearing Albania

2024-04-23 13:27:27Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Edi Rama

Prime Minister Edi Rama rejects as untrue the news published in the Italian media "La Repubblica" that he had a "furious" phone call with the director of RAI 3 regarding the investigative show "Report" broadcast by this screen.

For report.tv, Prime Minister Rama rejects La Repubblica's article about the "furious phone call" as untrue. Writing which says was deleted from the Italian newspaper itself.  

" There was no phone call with the director of RAI3, but only a request for a phone call regarding the most scandalous slander of the show Report, an episode about Albania seen through the eyes of the well-known slanderers of Tirana and where the Italian journalist, with an epic shamelessness only that he did not publish on the show any of the written answers to his questions, in writing, sent to the General Secretary of the Prime Minister's Office, but he also appeared in a sewer in Tirana where he spoke about his victim's refusal to give answers !

Meanwhile, the General Secretary, who will file criminal charges against the slanderer, has answered his questions one by one in writing, in the deadline requested by him, at his address. 

The request for the phone call was only related to this documented and terrible fact about a screen that is paid by the taxes of the Italians and that engaged in a shameful episode of smearing Albania, as it happened in the years when in the Italian media the Albanians appeared only as murderers, traffickers, prostitutes and thieves, while Albania is the nest of crime in Europe!

It had been years since I was scandalized by this criminal approach in the name of media freedom, but I repeat, I did not have a single angry phone call with the director of RAI3, with whom I could speak quite calmly only after the next lie, which had also appeared in La Repubblica (which deleted the lie) and in the eye of the black water of Tirana, where of course due to the very nature and mission of the channel, the lie remained with its countless friends in the pipeline of expulsions of the sworn enemies of every success of Albania ", says Rama.