Rama and Kurti do not agree, even after the events in the North, there is no communication with each other

2023-09-27 13:16:35Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Albin Kurti and Edi Rama

Even after the difficult days that Kosovo went through, it seems that the leaders of the two countries have no communication with each other.

Top News asked the two governments, Kosovo and Albania, if the two prime ministers have communicated after the terrorist attack in the north of Kosovo where a policeman was killed, and has not yet received an answer.

However, sources for Top news explained that there is no communication between the two leaders.

Relations between Kurti and Rama have been tense recently, culminating on July 6, when Kurti refused to meet Rama, who was on an official visit to Pristina.

A day earlier, Kurti said that he would only meet with Rama at the meeting of the governments of both states.

Such a meeting, planned to be held on June 14, was not held, as Rama requested that the format be changed, due to the tensions in the north of Kosovo.

The security situation in this area inhabited by a Serbian majority worsened as early as the end of May, when the Albanian mayors of the municipalities there entered their offices, despite the resistance of the local Serbian residents.