He lost deeply the elections for the Municipality of Kuka, how does the candidate Berisha justify himself

2023-09-25 17:40:57Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Name Vata

The candidate of the opposition coalition "Bashke Fitomje", Emri Vata, has reacted for the first time after the deep defeat of the elections for the new head of the Municipality of Kukes, these elections were held after the dismissal of Safet Gjic, who was part of a sexual scandal. in his office.

Vata, who lost by almost 6,000 votes, was justified by saying that "the patronageists and super-ministers were full".

"Dear friends, dear collaborators, dear democrats, dear Kuksians!

I want to thank, first of all, the structure of the Democratic Party in Kukës and their families for their endurance and support in this unequal challenge in many directions.

I am forever grateful to the Democrats who trusted me by voting for me.

I am still indebted and grateful to my friends who supported me.

Repeating what we have all seen with our eyes is unnecessary. I want to emphasize that only in the power of Edi Rama, the political, moral and social scandals are not reflected in the result, but deepen it in favor of the offenders.

Patronageists and super-ministers were in Kukës with a bag full of money and promises, but the picture of Kukës emptied in the 10 years of their power speaks without the need for bail.

The result of the elections, with all the distortions, pressure, buying and selling of votes, state crime should be read carefully.

Today we closed a campaign, but not our mission to restore free elections in Kukës and throughout Albania.

I wish that the vote of every Kuksian citizen is not wasted.

Without free elections, there is no solution" , writes Vata, who ran in these elections against Albert Halilaj of the Socialist Party, who in a statement to the media after the victory, promised the citizens that he would support them on all issues.