The deep defeat in Kukës, Meta does not know how to justify: It is the fault of... McGonigal

2023-09-26 18:05:23Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Ilir Meta

The head of the Freedom Party, Ilir Meta, did not recognize the result of Sunday's elections in Kukës, where the socialists managed to win with a deep result against the coalition candidate Together We Win.

Not being able to give any reason why the opposition lost deeply in Kukës, Meta fell short by saying that the result of the Kukës elections is added to the black book of violations of the May 14 elections.

And while he is accused from within the right-wing camp of being one of the reasons why the democratic electorate does not vote for Re-establishment, Meta, instead of explaining the reasons for the defeat in Kukës, spoke again about the former FBI agent, Charles McGonigal, who according to him was paid by Tirana to hit the opposition.

Although no one understands what McGonigal has to do with the elections in Kukës.

"After the scandal, to explain the result... this is irrelevant. The Kukës elections are just another page in the black book of May 14 and an indication of the state party that very clearly controls the world of Albanian citizens. Then from the transition to victory to victory this is history of the past.

We will continue to cooperate with every opposition factor to strengthen the opposition.

In the last few days, we finally have the admission of guilt before the federal court in Washington regarding his role with Albania. It is clear that McGonigal has done everything in exchange for taking orders from Rama to hit the opposition. PL will cooperate with any factor that does not become an extension of Rama's chain", said Meta.