Incident/ Rama meeting with Sunak with the Albanian flag, the "Chinese" version

2023-03-24 13:36:26Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

It seems that Prime Minister Rama and his staff are more careful about their exhibitions than about respecting the state protocol.

Such a thing also happened in yesterday's meeting in London with the British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, where an incident was recorded.

During the meeting of the two leaders, the Albanian flag is not the official one, but a distorted "Chinese" version of our national symbol.

In fact, the appearance of the Albanian flag is determined by law and cannot be alienated at will, as the most important national symbol was seriously violated.

The Albanian state flag features a red field with a black double-headed eagle in the middle, with open wings on the sides.

Article 4 of the law on the use of the national flag states:

" All public institutions are obliged to place the national flag in their internal and external environments. In these institutions, the raising or placing of foreign flags is prohibited, with the exception of receptions or protocol ceremonies and other solemnities, provided for by law, but always accompanied by the national flag. In this case, the national flag cannot be smaller than other flags.

The national flag is used in cases of ceremonial meetings of state institutions with representatives of foreign countries; freely at the desks of employees in state institutions and by legal entities; in the buildings and vehicles of the representations of the Republic of Albania in other countries and in all cases where Albania is officially represented as a party. The national flag is also used in cases where, for legal reasons, a foreign flag is raised. The national flag is placed in the most visible place or in the same place where other flags are placed ."

To help the prime minister and his staff: each of the eagle's wings has nine feathers, while the tail has seven feathers. The proportions are defined in the ratio of 1 to 1.4 units (or otherwise in the ratio of 5 to 7 units).