"Athens has almost a minority from the USA and a doctor from Tirana...", who are the candidates who can replace Beler

2023-11-29 21:03:27Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Beleri and Mitsotakis

The leader of the Movement "Atdheu" Kreshnik Osmani has revealed in the "Diary" of A2CNN four candidates who are rumored in the ranks of official Athens as possible candidates who will compete in the early local elections in the municipality of Himara, after the justice decides for Fredi Beleri .

Osmani said that Greece and Prime Minister Rama will "wash their hands" with the elected mayor of Himara and a new phase of good neighborliness between the two countries will begin.

"Athens is clear that it cannot last long in this battle, because Edi Rama goes to Brussels and says that I have a relationship with justice. This is a matter of SPAK, SPAK was made by the Americans. And Rama washes his hands of this issue."

According to him, after December 18, the Beleri issue will fade and will no longer be a point of friction between Tirana and Athens. As for the possible candidates, he revealed that the most popular name is that of a Greek-Albanian minority living in the United States of America.

"Fredi Beleri is not in Athens' accounts at all. It is an instant warhorse. Athens has almost four names today to replace Fredi Beleri. One is from the minorities of the USA who is getting ready to board the plane and come to run. Greek-Albanian minority. The other is a doctor from Tirana. There are two other characters. Beleri will be replaced. He will spend some time in prison there and Athina will say that we no longer have a relationship, it is a matter of Albania's justice. Let the integration processes continue, the stability of the region, the good neighborliness and it was forgotten. Athens is wiser than creating turbulence with the Albanians in this country."