November holidays, Balla meeting with the Albanian community in London: We are one nation!

2023-11-29 12:34:47Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Taulant Balla

The Minister of the Interior, Taulant Balla, during his stay in London where he is conducting an official visit, celebrated the national holidays of November, Independence Day and Liberation Day, with a community of Albanians.

During his speech at the meeting, Balla stated that "our history is the history of a nation that has always had to fight for freedom, independence, integrity and our national dignity".

The minister further singled out the virtue of hospitality of the Albanian people, as part of its DNA. He added that today Albania is proud of its friendship and strategic alliance with the United Kingdom, the USA, the countries of the European Union and all friendly countries.

"Albanian's house belongs to God and his friend. Ask the Jews how they received and protected the Albanians during the Second World War, risking their lives in front of the Nazi-fascist invaders. The negotiations for membership in the European Union are a historic achievement, thanks to the commitment of all Albanian governments over the years in these three decades", the minister underlined.

He further added that the diaspora should enjoy the right to vote and be supported with programs that promote their contribution, expertise and investments.

"I want to remind you to register your address, so that we can offer you more online services from Albania here," appealed Balla.

Albania and Great Britain have a history that this year marked 101 years of friendship, said Balla, emphasizing the contribution of the British side during the war.

"British liaison officers are close to these partisans and have highly valued their fighting qualities in the future development in the theater of war for the Mediterranean," British Prime Minister Winston Churchill would say in 1943, he said.

Discriminatory statements of a xenophobic nature or tendentious news from certain media are unacceptable. It is certain that nothing can diminish the fact that the friendship between the two Albanian and British peoples always carries extraordinary values", said Balla from London.