VIDEO / "I'll come all the way to Kashar for you", the fan's message to Heidi "drives" Romeo crazy: Come on...

2024-04-25 17:00:18Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Romeo Veshaj / BBV3

Big Brother Vip Albania is a social phenomenon that grips not only the attention but also the public debate. This year the goals are even bigger while the house is more impressive. From January 13, the third edition of "Big Brother VIP 3" started on Top Channel.

A reality show, which from the first night of the show managed to nail the viewers in front of the screen and turned out to be quite successful.

Just a little while ago, Romeo and Heidi received messages from "Big Love" in their suite. One of the messages for Heidi from a fan caught Romeo's attention and his reaction seemed to make him a little jealous of the resident.

O Heidi, except for the brain, I love you all, don't laugh anymore, you're driving me crazy, I'll come to Kashar just for you

Heidi: Thank you very much

Romeo: Come on, let me appreciate you too

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