The lawyer confronts Maya's husband: He abused alcohol and narcotics, abused his wife

2024-04-25 14:05:12Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Maja and her husband

The lawyer of the singer Maya faced the artist's husband, in a live link for "Alshqipëria Live" this Thursday.

Beqiri accused Arben Shuaip of having exercised psychological and physical violence against his wife and of being a consumer of alcohol and narcotics. But the architect himself denied all these accusations and focused on the fact that he was not allowed to meet the boy.

Shuaipi: He was a family lawyer. I am sorry that he has become part of this process, because he is a mutual friend of the family.

Beqiri: I have both of them as friends, but I have Arben as a friend from Maja's family. I met when they were dating each other. Arbeni is motivated, this marriage was broken by Arbeni because he abuses a lot of alcohol and other things, including narcotics. He was even convicted by the Court of Durrës for driving while intoxicated. When you give alcohol, you don't know how to build relationships with the people around you, there is more psychological violence and more, it hit Maya. That when the protection order is given, things are looked at in detail. The child was left to Maya, Arben was forced to pay for the food.

Beqiri: He has broken the protection order on more than 20 occasions. The nanny takes the child out, even in the previous order we had it in the presence of a psychologist. That now, this one takes the child, puts money in the car, and the father gives him a glass, endangering the child. Arbeni overdoes everything. Arben is a few years older than Maya.

Shuaipi: Will I break up with Maya or you because I don't understand?

Shuaipi: There was a period when I was working in one of the lawyer's houses, returning from Durrës to pick up my son. I had a beer and a pizza. I was not out of the norm, it was the minimum to drive. The law was then changed, I was out of line.

Erjona Rusi: You're saying it's just this case

Shuaipi: Only this, that even Idayet could have had his license revoked in Elbasan. As far as narcotics are concerned, I voluntarily did complete analysis twice at the State Medical Center. You can enter, I have submitted all the analyzes to the court. Now I will do what they want or I will get drunk because they want. I did all the analyzes willingly. This is becoming an ordeal even for the life of the child. I understand why they insist so strongly.