"I'm sorry that the family ended up in that situation"/ Maya's husband speaks: He wouldn't let me see the boy, I would take him with a police patrol

2024-04-25 13:43:36Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Maya's husband, in an exclusive interview for "Albania Live", tells his truth about the conflict in the couple.

"I filed the lawsuit for separation 2 years ago. In 2022 I asked to separate, only the reconciliation session was held, the second session was held the day before yesterday. On the 14th, the proofs we have made against each other will be presented.

In 2022, he asked to get a protection order, I was in Italy, without evidence and without reason. I appealed and the defense was dropped for a year. She accused me of verbal abuse. With the lady, we had a good time, I'm sorry that my family's situation got to that level. I asked for the separation to be done consensually, we have never sat down at the table to face each other. Since then, it has been a very very difficult relationship. She asks me to leave the apartment, leaving the property and the child.

One of the main problems, I was under pressure from the lady, not giving me the baby. When I meet the child, I have published videos from time to time, it is a premature decision that I take him twice a week by video call from Italy and meet him on Saturday. In the previous decision, it was said that I could meet the boy 4 times and it did not allow me. I had tremendous trouble meeting my child. I also went on patrol to keep the child, a real ordeal".