"She is the best player of the entire BBV so far", the former resident surprises with the statement about Heidi: I receive hundreds of messages...

2024-04-24 23:03:59Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

The winner of this third edition of Big Brother Vip according to Lidi, former BBV competitor, is Heidi.

In a telephone connection with "Breaking" in Top Neës, he expressed his conviction that Heidi wins this edition because of the balance she maintains between the connection and the game, and because of its simplicity.

“Egla just doesn't want to waste energy with Liam. Egla knows who her competitor is, she doesn't care about the fight with Liam. Her focus is Juli, Heidi and Romeo. Liam has burned all his cards with Egla. I don't think there can be a better relationship between Heidi and Egla.

Heidi is the most unique, classic and best player of all BBV so far. It balances connectivity and gaming perfectly. It is the absolute winner of this edition. I receive hundreds of messages a day from Italians who are passionate about Heidi. For me, Heidi is a phenomenon of this WB, the simplest, most caring", said Lidi.