"Let's end it, it can't go on like this"/ Is the couple breaking up? Heidi-Romeos: To be blunt... (VIDEO)

2024-04-24 21:26:35Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Heidi and Romeo / BBV3

What was supposed to be a pleasant evening between Heidi and Romeo ended in a rift between them.

Big Brother had chosen a well-curated environment for Heidi and Romeo to spend some romantic moments, but instead of being in each other's company, Romeo has been seen several times leaving the room and going to the yard, discussing with other residents.

While Heidi was alone in the jacuzzi, she asked Romeo to leave as she was very upset that he had chosen to argue with Julie instead of spending time with her.

After the numerous debates that they had last evening but also today, a drone was the one that strained their relationship even more.

It was Graciano who alerted Heidi, telling her that a drone had come for her. Heidi arrived immediately to see the drone, which read:

"Stop masculinity, fake Romeo, Heidi opens her eyes"

It seems that these successive situations have caused a rift between the couple, who have argued fiercely with each other.

Heidi has stated that she is not at all affected by that drone, nor by the other residents. While Romeo thinks that she is influenced by Juli since the same words that she said to him, Juli also said to him. They have even asked them to end their relationship in the ongoing conversation, since according to them it cannot continue like this.

Heidi:  Speak please that a drone is. Will you talk or won't you talk?

Romeo:  I'm not guilty at all. I wonder what I did wrong?