"Help! Help...", the VIDEO of singer Maja's quarrel with her husband is released: Accompany her to the region! Go away drug addict, go get...

2024-04-24 18:01:55Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Singer Maya

A video is published that shows the conflict between the singer "Maja" and her husband, Arben Shuaipi, where the division of property and custody of the child became the cause.

In the video published by "Ora News", Maja's husband can be seen filming and warning her to leave the apartment as he claims to be in violation of the law and with a protection order.

Her architect husband claims that the two villas are co-owned and should be apportioned. While the popular music singer claims that both villas belong to her.

Two officers of the State Police can be seen in the video. The police ask the parties to calm down the situation, and escort them to the police station to make the relevant reports.