Heidi and Romeo make the unexpected decision, they want to leave 'Big Brother VIP' (VIDEO)

2024-04-24 23:45:03Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Romeo and Heidi

An unexpected development has occurred inside the house of 'Big Brother VIP Albania'.

Heidi Baci and Romeo Veshaj have decided to leave the house after the situation created in the suite. While they were having dinner, in a heavy emotional state, Romeo proposed to Heidi to leave the house and she accepted.

Then they went to the confession room to make the request.

Heidi: Will I go out?

Romeo: Well, yes

Heidi: Let's go

Romeo: We go to the confession room and disappear

Watch the video moment:

We remember that the relationship between them was not good during today's day. Big Brother had chosen a well-curated environment for the couple to spend some romantic moments, but instead of staying in each other's company, Romeo has been seen several times leaving the room.

While Heidi was alone in the jacuzzi, she asked Romeo to leave as she was very upset that he had not chosen to spend time with her, but to argue with Julie.

After many arguments, a drone has been the one that has strained their relationship even more.

The drone read: "Stop masculinity, fake Romeo, Heidi open her eyes"

It seems these successive situations have caused a rift between the couple.