"Good girl, I have her as a neighbor", Iliri explains the statement about Luiz: She reminds me of myself in there, she is very strong

2023-01-28 20:13:54Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Ilir Shaqiri and Luiz Ejlli

Ilir Shaqiri clarified this Saturday in "S'e Luan Topi" the statement made on social networks about Luiz, which was commented on a lot in the media.

He clarified that he is not a regular follower of "BBV" because of work and for this reason, when he was asked about Luiza by the fans, he stated that he is a neighbor, implying that he really has a neighbor named Luiza, while he emphasized that he does not do "irony for a person I do not know, it is not in my nature".

"This was a question I asked in the story of "Instagram" and there were many questions about BBV, I explained that I did not see it because of the frequent trips I made and they coincided and fell on prime days and when did this come I answered the question as if they were asking me about Arjona, I said yes, I have a neighbor called that, the subtext was no, I don't know, I haven't seen her, but I have a neighbor with that name. It was not a subtext to degrade the conversation or to underestimate Luiz, and whoever has not understood it has it for themselves, neither warms nor cools me.

But it was just a coincidence that was taken and as the portals have it, they interpret it differently. Luiza is my neighbor and she's really a good girl, I really can't be ironic about a person I don't know, it's not in my nature," said Iliri.

Among other things, it is reported that Iliri sees Luiz as a resident and a strong player, even though, according to him, he talks too much.

"I have followed this edition in bits and pieces, with Luiz I see what I was there because there are many residents against him. I spoke a lot when I was spoken to a lot, and he speaks a lot even when he is not spoken to. I think he has super patience and that will make it go a long way. I don't know if it will be the winner, because if it was announced in the first two weeks, it wouldn't be a surprise.

Everything came naturally to us, we didn't fight from the first day in that house because neither of us knew the other. We just adapted. They have come more prepared", said Iliri.