'I am for war with the Serbs', the Albanian model for Granit Xhaka: Well done, he is a man

2022-12-05 14:04:24Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Dorina Mema, who has been living in Dubai for years, commented on Granit Xhaka's clash with the Serbs in the match between Switzerland and Serbia.

" In Qatar, the action of Xhaka's son has been talked about. I liked him, because he is a man after all. I liked that he reacted, because he was insulted, insulted. This one has heard it and normally it will be returned. Thank goodness I wasn't there.

A group of 20 people would be there. I would get a permit in the state of Qatar so that the eagle does not rest for a second. Too bad we weren't there either.

I am from Kruja, I am for wars. I don't back down. That man who insults you should get what he deserves. He endured plenty there. There were many provocations and he was alone.

Don't forget that he was alone, that if all the Albanians were together they would watch them run away. Yes, Qatar does not have many Albanians to support you there. We are talking about an Albanian who is honoring us ", said Dorina Mema.