"Very dirty"/ Olta, insulting words for Kristin: My biggest disappointment

2023-03-27 21:11:07Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Olta, insulting words about Kristin: My biggest disappointment

Olta and Qetsori had a conversation separately in the laundry, where they talked about the game of some of the residents.

Olta said that Luizi is harassing Kristi, as he will take her to the finals, given that the victory is certain in front of him.

She said that Kristi and Luiz are very wrong to deal with her now, since she has been home for three months and the game will not be released for 40 days.

Olta told Qetsor the same thing she said to Dea. According to her, the residents are in Kavalishcensa, all on vacation and that they are afraid to deal with Luizi.

The breakdown of her friendship with Kristi has led Olta to use offensive words against Kristi. While talking to Qetsor, she said that Kristi is a big disappointment for this format, very withdrawn and a bad boy.