Antoneta cries and screams in Luiz's face, Olta "thinks" worse: Well done, you're great, don't run away (VIDEO)

2023-03-27 20:12:02Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Antoneta and Luizi are involved in a strong debate today in the "Big Brother VIP" house.

While they were discussing, the resident came close to the singer's face, as she told him that because of the pressure he puts on her, she wanted to leave the house 3 times. Meanwhile, Luiz has only told him to take his bags and leave.

But, while Antoneta was feeling bad and was leaving, the opportunity was used by Olta who returned Antoneta, telling her that you are great and you should not leave the fight with Luiz. But Antoneta has returned only for a moment and it seems that Olta's mission has failed again.


Luizi : Take your bags and run away

Antoneta : Are you going to take me out by taking out my life? Well done! What are you waiting for, 3 times I wanted to run away from this house because of the pressure you put on. Bravo, you mean I did it to cry, bravo! You played a very good game, I had a lot of respect for the game you play, but when I came here I understood who you are. Well done, keep it up you're a winner

Luizi : Are you leaving now?

Antoneta : I'm not crying, no

Olta : Don't stop the argument, you're great, just calm down, you're great, you've completely shut up.

Antoneta returns to Luiz again : And thank you that with all the pressure you put on me, I didn't shed a single tear, you trained me so much"

Luizi : Why do I feel like drinking cups? Are you leaving now?