Exchange messages even without the Internet, WhatsApp brings the innovations of 2023

2023-01-09 22:37:00Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Whatsapp has big changes planned for the app and one of them is already live. WABetaInfo has revealed some of the new features you'll see in the messaging app.

For starters, you can continue to send messages if the Internet is blocked by cyber attacks or government agencies using an internal server (Proxy). Just go to the app menu, go to Storage and Data>Proxy and you can enable it there.

Soon, if you change mobile from iOS to Android, your conversations can be transferred easily. In July 2022, the platform enabled the transfer of message history from Android to iOS and is now doing the reverse so that users do not miss any conversations.

"Saved messages". By now, everyone is familiar with the "Disappearing Messages" option, which allows you to set an 'expiration period' for conversations that are automatically deleted after it ends. A saved message will remain so temporarily, it will not be automatically deleted, and any conversationalist can see it. But users still have control over it, they can unmark the message and it is eventually deleted.

Video call recording will no longer be available. The images and videos that are sent with the "View Once" option have inspired this innovation that will no longer allow the recording of video calls to avoid any invasion of privacy.

Status updates on WhatsApp will be able to be reported if users find it inappropriate. A team then reviews the case to verify whether it constitutes a violation.