The series the late queen followed after Philip's death

2022-12-07 22:42:53Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Elizabeth II found solace in "Line of Duty" after the loss of her husband

Almost a year and a half before her death, Queen Elizabeth faced the greatest loss of her life when her husband of 73 years, Prince Philip, passed away. Although she herself tried to get back to her daily life, she no doubt found it difficult to be constantly reminded that her companion was no longer by her side.

However, during the period of mourning, Queen Elizabeth had found a way to comfort her pain a little, through a series on television.

As the author of the new biography of Queen Elizabeth, Gyles Brandreth, revealed, the monarch had found solace in one of the most famous series of British television. It is about the BBC's Line of Duty, which kept her company during the period after her husband's death.

In particular, the Queen followed the show from the 2012 premiere, until the reveal of the character H, 9 years later. More specifically, the case involved a group working to expose a large network of corrupt police officers.

In fact, Brandreth's book mentions that the head of the royal household, Sir Tony Johnstone-Burt, was tasked with watching the show with the Queen and explaining to her what was going on.