"He asked me for an expensive designer blouse, but I didn't buy it", Blendi Fevziu tells the answer he gave to his daughter

2022-12-07 16:57:45Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Blendi Fevziu and his daughter Mishel

Journalist Blendi Fevziu rarely dwelled on the relationship he has with his two daughters, Mishel and Alis. He has shown that he traveled more with his older daughter, thus also telling a story that happened to him.

Fevziu said that once, Mishel asked him for something expensive, but he didn't buy it because he considered it as something not worth spending so much money on. In the end, according to the moderator, it was worth it because her daughter had one more advantage compared to her friends.

"I traveled more with Michel, I often took him with me on my trips. I've always thought that travel would give it an edge on the daily tables. Even once when she was little, she asked me to buy her something that was expensive and in my opinion not worth it.

I call the brands complete brainwashing and I told him no, I don't buy it and he was justifying that his friends had it too. I said look when you go to school you will realize that you have spent more to travel with me and it will be worth more than spending on a t-shirt. In the second or third year of school, he told me: You were right, in most of the tables I leave because I have traveled more. She was very satisfied and I believe it was worth it" , said Blendi in "Wake up".