Crack in 'TikTok', Vali Corleone threatens Cossack with pregnant wife and baby: Cut his throat (Video)

2022-12-06 09:24:27Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Cossack and Vali Corleone

It seems that TikTok's new 'duel' in LIVE video has gained so much fame in Albania that a more famous "parallel life" is being created, unlike that of television.

Among the well-known names on Tik Tok, where they receive thousands of views, reactions and comments, are Kozaku and Vali Corleone.

But between these Live videos, enmity has also been created and as you can see in the following videos, the threats go to the extreme, writes vipmagazin.

Vali Corleone is the one who called Kozak LIVE recently saying: "I'll cut your throat, I'll cut your throat for 5 minutes, don't listen to him you're alive on this earth".

But these threats become more terrifying when Vali Corelone mentions the pregnant woman and the child Cossack is expecting.