Surprise proposal in Vienna and precious diamonds, Adelina Tahiri reveals the "value" of her marriage

2022-12-05 21:37:56Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Adelina Tahiri

Adelina Tahiri revealed this Monday evening in the Dance Albania dance show, the details of her husband's marriage proposal. The singer said that she received the proposal in a bar in Vienna.

"Of course, there is no girl who does not want diamonds, especially when you are with a partner and you are waiting for a proposal. I have two. But for me even though this one is bigger, this one has more value because it was with a lot of love and it was the first ring that I got. We were in a bar, it's a very famous bar in Vienna, and the waiter comes with a plate and removes the ring. I didn't understand if it was really for me and the first thing that came to my mind was that it is not for another table, but I looked around that there was no couple and there was no girl waiting for a ring".

The singer also confessed that she is not easily surprised, but the man by her side managed to do such a thing.

"I realized that the ring was for me and I couldn't believe his ability to surprise me because it's very difficult for me to be surprised because I'm agile and I pick things up very quickly. But he turned out to be smarter than me and that's why he has me. The first diamond was a matter of proposition. The second diamond, he told me one day, my dear, he said, I will give a diamond as a gift, because as my value as a mother increases, so will the diamonds increase".

However, for the singer, the biggest diamond that her other half has given her is the son they have together.

"While for me, the biggest diamond that he has given me in my life is chuni".