After Olta Gixhar's threat, Efi's "hot" VIDEO is published?

2023-01-31 11:03:27Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Since yesterday, Olta Gixhari's game in "Big Brother VIP" has turned into a battle of threats where the actress claims that she has an arsenal of materials to extract for the girls of the house, Kiara and Efi.

The threats to Kiara are clear, she has it with Luiz's wife, as she addresses her and not directly with the moderator.

What about Efi? What does the actress Olta Gixhari know about Efi, who has only been a public figure for 2 years?

"I also have things about that other Efi, which she has no idea that I know. If I love you, I'll take it out with one sentence", was Olta's open threat, which probably refers to a +18 video of the former competitor of Puputhen, which is circulating on WhatsApp.

It is about a +18 video that Efi recorded himself and sent to someone, who treacherously published it.

However, the game of "Big Brother" is not built on the information that residents may have about each other, and Efi has proven that he does not fall for Olta Gixhar's manipulations or threats.