"We are giving him 100,000 euros, but as soon as it turns out he left us without a job", the unusual offer for Luiz Ejlli from Kosovo

2023-01-31 08:15:33Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

It is the most famous house in Albania and undoubtedly the events created in the house of Big Brother Vip Albania are in the center of attention.

The residents of BBV2 are being talked about everywhere on the web, and have become the protagonists of our daily lives, transmitting many strong emotions while telling their stories or even during their daily lives, conflicts and relationships with each other.

And the success of 'Big Brother VIP' even in this second edition is undoubtedly incomparable and this is clearly seen as the show is being talked about everywhere. The news on portals, the comments on social networks, the great attention of public figures and what makes a spectacle of records are the empty streets of 'Prime' nights.

This seems to have also affected gastronomy, damaging them during the broadcast period of 'BBV'. According to the "Veq Shqip" portal, this is how the President of Gastronomes of Kosovo, Petrit Kllokoçi, who jokingly said that during the "Primes" they have no work at all. According to him, the right solution to this problem is the union of gastronomes to pay the big price of 100 thousand euros to Luiz.