After the debate, Luizi is provoked by the songs of Butrint Imer. Here's how he and Kiara reacted. Olta benefits

2023-01-30 19:23:35Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Louise Ailey

After the fierce debate that happened today between Luiz and Olta, loud music was played in the "Big Brother" house and most of the songs were of Butrin Imer, Kiara Tito's ex-boyfriend. On the other hand, Olta Gixhari was always there to release a comment or provocation for Luiz to react.

At the moment when Butrinti's song was playing in the background, the camera followed Luiz everywhere for a reaction, but he remained silent and did not comment on anything.

Then it was Olta who told Luiz that "this song is for his wife". The actress then continued by saying: "Do you know how much I know, Luiz, do you know how many "No's" I have up my sleeve for your wife?"

On the other hand, the song titled "Flower of Love" was also heard by Kiara, who initially did not react. Asked by Efi if the song bothers her, Kiara only answered "no, no".

When Luizi went to the room where Kiara was, the latter asked him: " Why don't you talk, do you have a game?" Luiz's answer was: "Wait, you will find out in a little while and you will be amazed."

Even the song "Dale Dale", mentioned earlier by Kiara, was played loudly in the house. The moderator started to sing and dance, along with the other residents, including Luizi.

At another moment, a song titled "Cocaine" was played. Olta hastened to greet Luiz with this song, after earlier accusing him of being a user of narcotic substances.