All the anonymous-spicy questions in "BBVA" and the answers of the residents

2023-01-30 17:35:58Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
All the anonymous-spicy questions in "BBVA" and the answers of the residents

Some anonymous questions arrived at the "Big Brother Vip" house, which received some spicy answers:

"Do you play a double game on a daily basis?", was the anonymous question addressed to Armaldo . "No", said Armaldo briefly, without further argument.

But which resident has disappointed Armaldo the most? "Amos, for nominating me", said Armaldo, this time directly.

As for Amos, there were questions about Dean: "Do you regret taking a hasty step with Dean and why?". Amos said he doesn't believe he made any hasty moves, as long as it was all in the form of a game.

Efi  more honest than ever.

For Efi, the question was "Do you like the character you created within "BBVA"? Efi answered confidently: "I like it, because this is the character that I am."

"Who is the most vain person in the house for Efi?". She did not think at all and said directly "Olta!".

While Olta answered with diplomacy:

"What percentage is Olta herself in this game?" Surprisingly, Olta answered: "0%!".!

"Which would affect you more: To be betrayed or betrayed?" was the question addressed to Olta.

"If she is married and he cheated on me, I would feel very bad; if I cheated, the relationship would have ended," she replied.

Kiara always confuses others

"What is the situation that has changed the course of your life?", was the question addressed to Kiara. "The moment I put my feet on television", the answer that followed from the moderator's side.

"Do you think you've fallen in love?", was another question addressed to Kiara. "Up to a point," Kiara said.

Questions to Luiz : "Why do you act like you don't know that Kiara has someone else out?". Luizi gave a total of 3 alternatives:

- The first, I don't know.

- Second, it is not.

- The third one, even if it is, is gone in time.

And if you are curious as to why Luizi broke up with the partner he had been with for a decade, the answer is: "He didn't walk anymore".

"Does the image you create today in the outside world matter to you?" was another question for Luiz. "Yes", he answered.