Was he related to Olta? Jonathan's friend speaks: His ex-girlfriend broke the news, here's the truth

2023-01-30 14:23:21Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Jonathan Islami and Olta Gijhari

In the last few days, some hints have circulated in the online media that Jhonatan Islami had a romance of about 1 month with the actress Olta Gixhari and this happened last summer, even though the actress is married and the mother of a son.

According to the news published in the media, this was the reason that Jonathan broke up with his girlfriend. However, Xhoanatin's friend, Alberta Zani, spoke on the show "Breaking" on Top News and extinguished these hints.

According to her, the news was leaked by Jonathan's ex-girlfriend and there is nothing true. Alberta Zani considered this to be a very low level and said that Olta and Xhonatani met on the show "Holidays On Top".

"This is a very bad thing. The news was released by Xhanatin's ex-girlfriend and there is nothing true about it. Here it showed a very low level. Jonathan's family and Olta's family have very friendly relations, Olta's husband has also come to Jonathan's business. Jonathan and Olta got to know each other on the show "Holidays OnTop" with Ori Nebijajn. said Alberta Zani.