Kiara was involved with Mozzik before entering BBV? Photos that are "crazy" the network

2023-01-30 10:11:32Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Mozzik and Kiara

Kiara and Luizi are two of the most commented characters currently in the pink media. They seem to be heading towards consolidation as a couple inside the "Big Brother Vip Albania" house.

The singer has openly expressed his feelings, but has not yet received a confirmation from the moderator. But, during this time, there have been many hints circulating in the pink media that they were connected outside the "BBVA" house.

Most of all, it is alluded to Kiara that there is someone waiting for her outside, where the names have also circulated, but there have also been comments regarding her previous romances. Even, often, the name of Butrint Imer has become a topic of conversation even inside the house.

But shortly before she entered "Big Brother Vip", it was hinted at Kiara that she was in a romance with Mozzik and some photos and the same clothes were made.

At that time, Mozzik published a photo taken in front of a mirror with the leg of a girl wearing a green dress. The rapper decided to reveal only the leg and the girl's outfit without giving any more details.

But then Kiara published photos in front of the mirror in the same dress, and immediately fans suspected that the girl whom Mozzik had caught by the leg was the moderator.

But not only that. Mozzik has also published a photo where he appears with the green x-box, which we have seen Kiara wearing even before she entered BBV and inside the most famous house in Albania.