Does a loved one manage their Instagram profile? Luiz Eylli himself speaks and dispels all doubts

2023-01-30 15:49:08Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Louise Ailey

Since the beginning of the "Big Brother Vip Albania 2" edition, a profile named "luiz.ejlli" has been opened on Instagram, which has grown tremendously, where it now has 345 thousand followers.

But, there have often been doubts whether that Instagram profile was used by people close to Luiz or someone else who is exploiting his fame. 

These hints ended yesterday evening by Luizi himself. During a conversation, Efi was telling him how much money he could make from Instagram and that someone else might be using his name and fame.

But, Luizi confirmed that at the moment when he entered "Big Brother Vip", a close person opened his Instagram


Efi : You fool, do you understand who opened your Instagram with your first and last name, what are you doing now? Namin. O heart, an Instagram that can have many followers is sold for Lek.

Luizi : But what about me now?

Efi : If you had opened, or someone who is outside had opened an Instagram for you, because it's crazy.

Luizi : I came here to be myself.

Efi : Instagram is for sale, once you don't know how far you can go with followers. I know how much money Instagram makes you. You are not normal.

Luizi : But when I get out, I will open it.

Efi : If someone else opened it and I can't open it in your name, you understand what happens.

Luizi : Someone opened my door.

Efi : Has anyone opened it?

Luizi : Yes, as soon as I entered here.

Efi : How did you enter, yes, very well, because if someone opens it in your name, you can't open it anymore. You'll do a 1 back, a number or something.

Luizi : I'm doing my "K" (referring to Kiara)

Efi : But they won't believe it's you.

Luizi : How come they don't trust me with Kiara.

Further, Luizi joked that the first photo he will post on Instagram with his hand will be with Kiara in a position ready to kiss and with the inscription "let it flow".