"Fight" between Olta and Luiz/ The actress comes out of "herself": O little mouse, I miss you, I miss what I do (Video)

2023-01-30 18:13:43Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

A fierce debate started today between Olta Gixhari and Luiz Ejlli.

The pair were sitting in the yard discussing the 'friendships' they have made at home, where Olta mentioned Luiz, Efi and Kiara and told her that she is afraid of being alone.

Excerpts from the debate: 

Olta : I have two friends here, Kristi and Amos.

Luizi : What do I have to do with you, they have mercy on you. Kristi is doing a study with you, a social experiment.

Olta : No one argues with you like I do, even the opinion leaders said this. You know how high I am, you little mouse, you've been asking about me. Call your friends to bring you a drone.

Luizi : My friends and I make your friend every morning. This is my opinion, I said a truth, that's how I see it. You like to feel strong.

Olta : You will still come out unwashed, just say scum here and come out unwashed, as long as you have friends. You are the scum, you are the scum of society, you are the bottom of the pot. What a scumbag you are. You asked about me around, ask once. I don't know who you're messing with. You deal with my morals? You are insulting someone's wife and someone's daughter. Have you ever asked yourself what is coming out of your mouth? That this will end in a few days. You'll give an account for what you spew when it's over. Don't turn around like a little mouse, go out and say "I'm sorry".

Luizi : I am talking to Olta Gixhar, who is my competitor, I am not talking to anyone outside. Don't itch with me.

Olta : The day will come when I won't save anymore. I'm saving with you. Don't act like a gangster in here, because you're not. You're a little mouse, I know what you've done. If you have any idea who I am, you don't speak to me in that language

Luizi : I don't play the gangster or the brave, I'm playing here. Think well that day when you come to scratch with me.

Olta : I won't let it go like that, I will destroy it. The day will come when I will also talk about his wife (Kiara), what I know. I have full arsenals. He has offended someone's wife, we deal with women. I have enough, I know enough. Ah, how stupid, Tirana is small.

Olta : I know why the lips turn white, because I miss you.