Noizy has a comment about Maestro in "BBV"

2023-01-31 00:08:11Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Armaldo Kllogeri, as we all now call Maestro, is undoubtedly one of the characters that stood out the most in "Big Brother Vip Albania."

Rapper Noizy also has a comment about Maestro, who for the first time comments about this format.

Armaldo was dancing to the rapper's song "Heart Attack", together with Kiara and Efi. This video was reposted by Noizy, who writes in Instastory: "I will take this brother in the clip"

Noizy has a comment about Maestro in "BBV"

We recall that earlier, Aida Kllogjeri, Armaldo's wife, was recently invited to an interview.

She burst into tears as soon as she saw some videos of Armaldo inside the house and admitted that because of the emotional state from the pregnancy, she cries so often these days.

"I cried for every resident that came out. Only when Armaldo comes out I won't cry... No, I don't want him to come out on Saturday", she said further.

She said that they met in 2006 and first fell in love with his voice. It took 6 months for the first kiss, but Maestro managed to win her heart much faster than that.

As for the game inside BBVA, Aida predicted a "hit" from Olta for Armaldo, while emphasizing that he himself is a person who would maintain good relations with Luiz, Olta and other residents.