'I will bring out all the things', public figures react to Olta Gixhar's threats

2023-01-31 10:21:11Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Olta Gixhari's threats in the "Big Brother Vip" house that she will "open the archives" about Kiara and Efi's life outside, are receiving many reactions on the network.

In addition to fans of the residents and followers of "BBV", many well-known personalities have also reacted through social networks, who have also come out against Olta Gixhar's statements.

Earlier, in a post on Instastory, the person who manages Efi Dhedhe's Instagram page, reacted by writing that this is an ugly game on Olta's part.

"I believe that Efi's behavior towards Olta and everything she has said is confirmed by these ugly images of threats to a girl who is supposed to be judged for what she does inside "Big Brother", not outside, but above all she is not a tool of a ugly game hitting the personal lives of the residents there" - the post says.

What did Olta declare?

Olta has "threatened" that she knows a lot about Kiara and Efi, stating that Tirana is small and that with the information she has, she can get them out of the format.

"I will reveal all the things I know about Kiara. Tirana is small. I have an arsenal, I know a lot of things. I'll line it all up for Kiara, do you know how much I know? Awash-awash" - Olta said to the moderator.

As for Efi, he said: " I also have things about that other Efi, which she has no idea that I know." If I love you, I get it out with one sentence ."