Olta and Kristi talk about Luiz: He came here as in a rehabilitation center. He's hallucinating!

2023-01-31 10:25:36Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Yesterday there were strong debates inside the most famous house in Albania, "Big Brother VIP2". Olta Gixhari and Luiz Ejlli had a big fight, they didn't miss insults.

The actress has accused the singer of consuming drugs. "I know what kind of life he has led. He is completely dependent, he is sick", Olta said while Luizi, who was listening, made an inappropriate gesture with his middle finger.

Regarding this, Olta talked to Kristi and said about Luiz: "I have been studying it for days, I have time".

On the other hand, Kristi says that it has been understandable since the second and third day.

Excerpts from the conversation:

Olta: I have been studying it for days, I have time

Kristi: Olta, please

Olta: What?

Kristi: It has been understood since the second and third day

Olta: Okay, I didn't understand that quickly

Kristi: I understood from the beginning, I said 'rehabilitation center', no one understood me

Olta: I have heard this, I remember at all

Kristi: When we first came on we were all asked 'what is Big Brother' one of the first primes and I said 'rehab centre'. I said it cutely, not tactfully.

Olta: I understand. In the first few days, I was impressed that he was not sleeping at all and was very nervous. I said 'what is this' too

Kristi: Rehabilitation center

Olta: He replaced it with...

Kristi: Yeah

Olta: He should also take sedatives

Kristi: Why did I start saying it's "fake"

Olta: He must be hallucinating that he's telling stories that didn't happen. I see it with myself, you said that, you were here, they didn't happen. Seriously. He sees stories that didn't happen

Kristi: I know, I know