"You are the best"! Armando Broja surprises Luiz Eille, sends him a message "home" (VIDEO)

2023-03-20 20:49:37Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Armando Broja surprises Luiz Eille

Luiz Ejlli has become a phenomenon in Albania and things have reached the point where he receives messages from all Albanians wherever they are.

Recently, it is the football player Armando Broja who has surprised Shkodran.

In the column "Big Love", where residents read the messages sent by their fans, it is the attacker of Chelsea and at the same time of the Albanian national team who writes.

He publicly supports Luiz, along with his family.

"Luiz, we greet you. You are the best. Follow us every day. The Armando Broja London family" , was written in the message addressed to the well-known singer, encouraging the latter's positive reaction.