What will happen to the 5 finalists of BBV3? "Prediction" by Erjola Doçi: Egla will make the film with the title "Br*kët", Heidi will be....

2024-05-26 22:07:59Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Erjola Doçi has made a prediction about what will happen to the five finalists after BBV3. According to her, she sees Merito with a new project in Albania, as well as Romeo.

You see Heidi as a new image in Albania, you see Juli with a very good position on Top Channel and Orange, while Egla Cenon, in a film titled "Pants".

Ronaldo Sharka: How he predicts the fate of the five finalists. What do you think will happen to them after the final win or not?

Erjola Doçi: I think that Meriton will have a sought-after image, it will bring the show maybe here, it can come with new projects. Romeo too. I can see Heidi engaged as an image because it is an unconsumed image in Albania. I see Jul Deda occupying a significant place in Top and Orange and not only Egla, a film with the title "Pants", as she said, I want to do it with Juli. That's where the panty bit started.

Ronaldo Sharka: Will you participate?

Erjola Doçi: I actually wear them.

Ronaldo Sharka: Or will you make a film only with Romeo and Heidi? Would you make a movie with those two?

Erjola Doçi: With anyone, if the role suited me, why not.