Will they talk? Meriton Mjekiqi surprises with the statement about Ilnisa ​​right after leaving the house

2024-05-26 15:50:10Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
The doctor deserves it

Immediately after the disqualification, Meriton Mjekiqi spoke on Top Channel's microphone.

He said that it is important that he learned that his family abroad was fine, while adding that he has not yet read any news about himself.

Asked about the relationship with Ilnisa, he said that they loved each other and that they will continue to talk. 

"It's important that the family is fine, aunt I haven't read any news. With Ilnisa... we gave love to each other, we will continue to talk", he said.

Will they continue to talk? That's it? Strange as a statement by Meriton, after all the promises and wishes expressed within BBV for the creation of a family together.